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Gemstones to Cure Disease or Dosh

Gems affect the human body, giving either good or bad effects. Every gem has the power to absorb the radiation emitted by a particular planet. Gems are beneficial especially from health point of view. It is important to choose Gem that help individual and there are several methods to selection a gemstones.

There are seven important principles for selection of Gemstones.

1. Gemstone according to lord of ascendant.
2. Gem stone according to Moon sign.
3. Gemstone of strong planet to increase its benefic result.
4. Gemstone of lord of 9th house to boost the 9th lord.
5. Gemstone of lord of 5th house to boost the 5th lord.
6. Gemstone of lord of 10th house to boost the 10th lord.
7. Gemstone of Dasa lord to get its benefic result.
    a. Gemstone of Mahadasa lord.
    b. Gemstone of Antardasa lord.

One should only wear gemstone of the lord of Mahadasa or lord of Antardasa during their period. It is just giving medicine during the period of illness. One can wear Gemstone as per the principle 1,2,4,5 to increase general happiness.

Never wear gemstone for a planet that is enemy of ascendant lord. Similarly conflicting gemstone should not be worn such as.

Ruby should not be used with Blue Sapphire, Diamond, Hessonite, Cats eye.
Yellow sapphire should not be used with Emerald or Diamond.
Emerald should not be used with Pearl.
Pearl should not be used with Hessonite, Blue Sapphire, Cat�s eye.
Red Coral should not be used with Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite.

The other points should be kept in mind for wearing gemstone is that Gemstone should be natural, clean, flawless with top of color.

Gemstones for different planets are.






Red Coral




Yellow Sapphire




Blue Sapphire


Hessonite (Gomed)


Cat's Eye

Gemstone and Disease
According to Ayurveda Mani (Gemstones), Mantra and Medicine are all useful to cure disease and to maintain sound health. As per Ayurveda there are seven elements in body that maintain good health and are cause of growth of body and different disease. The seven planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn control these seven element.

Ruby Gemstone increases vitality of the body and built immune power of the body system. It has positive effect on heart and it reduces the chances of back pain, eye trouble, and fire accident, gastric and peptic ulcer. It is said that the ladies should avoid it as it destroy the luster of the body.

Pearl has effect on mind and it controls the mental disease such as insomnia, poor memory. It gives peace of mind. It controls the disease of lungs, breast, heart, diabetes, piles, diarrhea, deficiency of calcium. Pearl is useful for ladies as it increase the luster of face and increase the strength of sex. It makes their conjugal life happy.

Red Coral gemstone controls the aggressive behavior of individual. It may protect from accidents, injuries, and wounds. It has good effects on control of menstrual disorders, reduce the chance of miscarriage and make safe delivery.

Emerald gemstone increases brainpower, intelligence, reasoning ability, communication skill, and speech power. It reduces passion and sexual desire. It can be used to control trouble related to asthma, skin, and bronchitis.

Yellow Sapphire gemstone controls the functioning of liver, jaundice, anemia, blood pressure, and gastric trouble, fever.

Diamond has good effects on the private parts and sex organs. It cure sexual weakness, kidney trouble, diabetes.

Blue Sapphire is positive effects on nervous and joint disorder and control gastric trouble, gout, arthritis, heart trouble, asthma, and legs pain. It increases stamina. It improves the fertility of barren women.

Hessonite (Gomed) gemstone controls indigestion, skin disease, insomnia, hysteria, snake0bite, dog-bite, blood poisoning. It also control undiagnosed disease.

Cats Eye gemstone is very hot in nature and cure paralysis, mania, blood poisoning, malignant disease, undiagnosed disease.


Our body is composed of seven primary colors of the solar spectrum: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow and red. These are called primary colors and mixing one or two primary colors makes other hues and shades. When there is deficiency or absence of any one of these primary colors. When there is deficiency or absence of any of these primary colors in our body, were attacked with the disease caused by that deficiency.
Before using any particular gem or gems, in the form of a ring or pendant, it is necessary to know the suitability of these gems for the native. This can be recommended on the basis of either numerology or according to one's natal chart. It is always advisable to seek expert guidance of a good astro-gemologist to derive maximum advantage from the use of the gems. Gems in themselves do not have any magical powers to change one's destiny but they help one and all to overcome planetary afflictions and adverse transits. Gems have been used from time s immemorial to cure certain diseases. Gemstones like coral have been found to be bery useful in curing diseases rapidly like anemia, general disability, skin disorder, blemishes, etc.

Blue Sapphire has also been found effective in disease like vomiting, nausea, headaches etc. Lapiz Lazuli has been tried and tested and is very useful for those, who may tend to be lazy and lethargic but are desirous of increasing their image in social and business circle. It can also ward off ailments connected with liver and stomach pretty fast.

For mental depression pearl or moonstone is recommended, but those who can afford to spend more can go in for a pearl in silver in combination with a white sapphire to be worn in the ring finger, in the right hand in the case of males and left hand in the case of females. In case of diabetes, the use of white coral and white sapphire is recommended.

For high blood pressure, use of garnet, ruby and blue sapphire but in case of elderly ladies suffering from blood pressure and heart problems, ruby, emerald and pearl together in silver can also be effective but these should be worn only after obtaining expert guidance. Gems are also very effective as Astrological Remedies. Rahu and Ketu in conjunction with Sun or Moon cause many irritants and hassles in life. The 7th house in a birth chart pertains to the marital life. Rahu placed with Venus in birth chart pertains to the marital life. Rahu placed with Venus in birth chart gives secret liaisons and numerous love affairs and extra marital alliances. Rahu in 7th house causes delay in marriage and strains in marital life. It could lead to marital discord. Rahu's adverse planetary influence is countered by wearing a Gomedh in silver to keep tensions of marital life under check.
For the information of my esteemed patrons and readers, I have tabulated below the various common types of ailments and gemstones recommended to ward off the adverse influence of the planets.



Alcholism Blue sapphire, Amethyst and white Sapphire
Allergises Cat's eye , Gomedh
Arthritis Red Coral
Asthama Chrysoberl
Fevers Pearl
Eye infections Ruby and Quartz
Eplilepsy Emerald, yellow sapphire
Diabetes White coral, White sapphire
Cold , Sinus Gomedh
Body pains Garnet, Blue sapphire



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